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The world’s original, and most popular trigger-style ball head, so revolutionary we patented it.


The SLIK AF2100 trigger design ball head takes the ease of photographing on a tripod to a new level. The key is the trigger handle. Its over-sized trigger release lets you squeeze to release and freely move the head. Move the camera in position then release the trigger and the ball head locks firmly into place.  This smooth, natural movement makes the ball head feel like an extension of your hand than any other ball head available.


The AF2100 handle is large enough for photographers with large hands to get a solid grip, but sized so photographers with smaller hands can use it with comfort and ease also.


Capable of handling more than 3kgs of equipment, the AF2100 supports a a professional camera body with a 300 mm f/2.8 lens. The convenient thumb switch on the handle locks and unlocks the quick release shoe.  The plate can rotate more than 320 degrees and lock at any point.  In addition, there is a separate safety release button allowing removal of the plate from the head when pressed. Your camera is securely attached to the AF2100 until you decide to remove it.

  • SLIK created unique "Trigger Type Head" in 1987

    AF series trigger type head allows to change the camera orientation intuitively and fix it instantly.
    It is a high performance ball head set the composition without forgetting the lock mechanism.

  • Rotatable Camera Platfome

    By sliding the platform slide lock up, the camera platform will rotate about 320 deg. So that you can bring the grip in any position you desire.

Type of Bubble Level: Single bubble level
Size of camera platform: 41 x 47mm
Camera Platform: Q.R.S. 6019
Camera mounting screw: U1/4
Tripod mounting screw: U1/4 ・ 3/8
Height: 140mm
Weight: 870g
Load capacity: 3kgs


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