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Need a second camera but can’t carry a second tripod? Or worse, can’t take a tripod at all. The SLIK Clamp Head 45 could be your answer.


This compact camera mount has a clamp fitting at one end. Attach it to any pole, tripod leg, railing or branch that has a diameter of approximately 35 to 45mm. At the other end is a 2-way pan head ( Pan: 360°, Tilt:180°) allowing it to be locked in a wide variety of positions. The all-metal construction will hold up for years of use.


There are hundreds of uses for the SLIK Clamp Head 45. It is compact and light enough to fit in your camera bag. Take it traveling and find new and creative ways to photograph your destinations.


Max. Load Capacity: 3.0kg
Length: 150mm
Width: 95mm
Height: 90mm
Weight: 500g
Pipe diameter to be mounted 35-45mm


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