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Ultra large-sized carbon fiber tripod with 36mm diameter carbon fiber pipes for first section leg. About 30% lighter than the same class of our tripod – The Professional, while most of functions are almost same as The Professional tripod. Worm gear type center column elevation. 2-way leg-tip (rubber and spike). Soft grip for the first section leg.


  • Crown Type nut ring with excellent fixed force

    By placing the crown-shaped nut ring facing the face, the lower leg is reliably fixed at multiple points. With the fixed force up, it is possible to switch between loosening and tightening with the half of the nut, and realizes excellent operability.

Folded Length: 825mm
Maximum Operating Height: 2,540mm
Minimum Operating Height: 450mm (230mm)
Maximum Center Column Ext.: 285mm
Weight: 3,800g
Head Portion Weight:
Leg Portion Weight: 3,800g
Leg Lock Type: T.L.
Leg Tip: 2WAY
How To Mount Camera:
Number of Leg Sections: 4
Shape of Leg Pipe/Tube:
Diameter of the first upper leg: 36mm
Type of Center Column Elevation: Worm gear type
Type of Bubble Level:
Special Features: Multi-position leg


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