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The SLIK I-Bracket is a universal Arca compatible bracket that is attached under the camera.


It is unique I-shaped plate, but it can be installed to the tripod head that conforms to the same standard in both the horizontal and vertical position.


The position of the camera screw can be moved and adjusted the plate to attach the fringe to the camera body, so it fits firmly with the camera.


【Compatible Models】

  •  ● SONY α7IV、α7III  ● CANON EOS R6、R5● Nikon Z6II、Z7II


You can also check from the link below whether the I-Bracket can be used with your camera.

I-Bracket Dimension



    • Perfect fit for a variety of mirrorless cameras

      The screw position can be adjusted forward, backwards, left and right to fit the popular full-size mirrorless cameras. The camera does not rotate even when in portrait position, thanks to the bank of the bracket.

    • Adjusting the camera screw position

      By loosening two hex socket bolts, you can move camera screw unit 10mm from side to side. in addition, there are two raws of screw holes at 10mm intervals, so you can move camera mouning screw up to 20mm.

    • Camera screw can be fixed with a coin

      In addition to hex wrenche, it is also possible to tighten the camera screw using a coin.

    • Unique "I" shape for increase versatility

      Among the many L-type brackets, SLIK offer "I" type. It does not disturb the opening and closing of the terminal cover or the connection to various interfaces.

    • Even "I" shape can be placed vertically

      The end of the bracket is also Arca-compatible shape, so the camera can be mounted on the tripod head in a vertical position.

    • Minimize optical axis shifting even position change

      The I-Bracket minimize optical axis shifting even if the horizontal position is changed to a vertical position.

    Dimension (L x W x H): 97 x 38 x 18 mm
    Weight: 60 g
    Max. Load Capacity 2.0 kg


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