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The “ROVER a is a new proposal from SLIK for active photographers.


It has a maximum payload of 5kg while weighting only 1.7kg.  A compact aluminum tripod that is lightweight and has excellent rigidity.


The maximum operating height can be extended to 1.59m, while the length can be folded down to 360mm by reversing the legs.


Additionally, it can also be used as a monopod by docking one of the tripod leg to the center column.


Lightweight and compact, “ROVER a” is your perfect travel companion.



  • ROVER Exclusive Ball Head

    A compact yet powerful ball head with a load capacity of 5kg. Built-in pre-tension mechanism that prevents the camera from sudden falling when the ball lock is released and makes it easier to adjust the angle of view. Arca-Swiss compatible camera plates can be conveniently transferred to other camera support equipment.

  • Semi-Automatic Leg Angle Adjustment Lock

    The leg angle adjustment lock is a ratchet type semi-automatic system that returns to normal position when the leg is closed to prevent erroneous operation. You can set up leg angle at your desired position by simply pulling out the lock lever and spreading the legs.

  • Monopod Conversion

    One of the tripods can be separated from the tripod body and used as a monopod with a maximum height of 1640mm by combining it with the center column.

  • Tripod Leg Tip

    The tips of the tripod legs use 3/8" screw thread and can be replaced with optional metal spikes or 50mm rubber feet depending on where the tripod is installed.

Folded Length: 360 mm (when legs are reversed)
Maximum Operating Height: 1,590 mm
Minimum Operating Height: 370 mm
Maximum Center Column Ext.: 350 mm
Weight: 1,730 g
Head Portion Weight: 365 g
Leg Portion Weight: 1.365 g
Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
Leg Tip: Rubber 
How To Mount Camera: ROVER QRS (arca swiss compatible)
Number of Leg Sections: 5
Shape of Leg Pipe/Tube:
Diameter of the first upper leg: 25 mm
Type of Center Column Elevation: Center column type
Panhead: ROVER Ball head
Type of Bubble Level: 3 bubble levels
Special Features: Monopod convertible leg unit


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