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Especially developed Cam Balance System (PAT.) to reduce burden of the photographers.

Possible to tilt very delicately even with the SLR camera with long telephoto lens such as 600mm or more. Disc type pan and tilt brake to get the exact target with very easy and light operation.

High precision bubble level is equipped as the standard accessory (curvature R150mm). Sliding plate with video pin : slide rage- ±50mm (forward and backward). Each operation knobs are put at the left-hand side of the head for easier operation. An optional pan handle is available.

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Maximum loading weight 10.0 kgs
Camera mounting screw U1/4×2,U3/8×1
Tripod mounting screw U3/8
Cam Balancer available weight.: Approx. 3~8kgs
Temperature range –30ºC~+50ºC
Tilt range 75º (up) and 75º (down)
Camera mount plate Rubber
Maximum diameter of tripod mounting baes: 83mm
Height: 157mm
Weight 2,670g


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