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The SLIK Twin Camera Plate 300 allows you to use two cameras mounted to one tripod at the same time.  It has a pair of 1/4″-20 camera screws, mounted in tracks around an off-center tripod socket. The off-center mount gives you control over balance when using larger or smaller cameras.  The screw tracks allow you to control movement and distribute the weight. The tracks also allow you to avoid a physical interference between the two items.


One of the tracks holding the camera screws extends roughly 25-60mm from the central tripod socket, and the other has an extended range of 25-120mm. Most noteworthy, the mounting mechanism moves within this plate, instead of turning the entire plate atop the tripod threading like a propeller.


The Twin Camera Plate 300 works best with tripods with a maximum leg segment diameter of 28mm or more.


  • Robust Aluminum Body

    Solid aluminum die-casting plate.
    Two cameras can be mounted on a single tripod. Two camera screws that can adjust the camera position (120mm & 60mm) to match the center of gravity balance.

  • Multiple Screw Holes for Variety Tripod Set-Up

    The bottom of the plate has total four (4) U1/4 screw holes at the center and both ends, and can be attached to a tripod. The main tripod mounting screw holes are not dare to be installed in the full center so that they can be balanced even if two different weight cameras are installed, such as a camera with a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens.

Length: 315mm
Width: 50mm
Height: 50mm (including camera screw)
Weight: 500g



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