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The Slik Quick Release Plate 6196 is the replacement 1/4 20″ thread QR plate for the SH-807E and the 806E 3-way pan heads.

The all metal plate includes the industry standard  1/4 20″ threaded screw for mounting to film and digital cameras. The durable cork pad creates a solid slip free connection between the plate and camera to prevent camera drift. The plate also uses a tool free mounting design so you do not need a coin or screwdriver to securely attach the plate to your camera.


Products Compatible with the QR Plate 6196:

    SH-807E 3-way Pan Head
    SH-806E 3-way Pan Head
    PRO 780DX Complete Tripod


Length: 63.8 mm
Width: 61.5 mm
Height: 17.4 mm
Weight: 77.5 g


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