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The SLIK AF1100E is a patented design. It allows the trigger handle to release tension on the ball when squeezed and lock the ball head in any position by releasing the trigger. This innovative action allows easy camera movement, making it feel like more of an extension of the body.  A top-mounted bubble level makes leveling the camera quick and easy too.


The all-metal quick release system also makes mounting the camera fast and simple. The rectangular plate sits in a shoe that can rotate 360° and lock facing any direction. The all metal quick release plate works with several tripod heads from SLIK.


The AF1100E is perfect for today’s high-end digital point and shoot cameras, lightweight DSLRs and Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs).

  • Move freely with one grip, intuitive operation possible

    When the grip is squeezed, the pan head moves, and when it gets released it is firmly fixed. You can freely adjust the composition with one grip.

  • Secure gripping

    When grip is released, it is firmly fixed.

  • Flexible control of camera orientation

    You can control the direction of the camera above or below freely.

  • 360 deg. rotatable quick shoe platform

    The quick shoe makes it easy to attach & detach the camera from the tripod, and by rotating the quick shoe platform 360°, it is possible to adjust the grip position to the optimum position.

Type of Bubble Level: Single bubble level
Size of camera platform: 48 x 36mm
Camera Platform: Q.R.S. 6183
Camera mounting screw: U1/4
Tripod mounting screw: U1/4 ・ 3/8
Height: 125mm
Weight: 540g
Load capacity: 1.5kgs


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