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The compact professional SLIK PBH-635AC ball head has newly designed “viselike” style clamping Arca-type compatible quick release platform for easy mounting the camera.


The PBH-635AC ball head has a capacity of 6kgs. features a separate pan lock that locks the ball into place while allowing the head to rotate 360 degrees. Its tension knob controls the rate of the ball’s movement. The head is capable of handling a full sized professional DSLR with standard lens. In addition to the standard easy grip ball lock lever the head has a tension adjustment knob to fine-tune the drag on the ball movement.


It also has a separate panoramic lock with degree markings around the base for stitching together for panoramic photos.

  • New VISELIKE clamping platform

    Newly desgined Arca-Swiss type camera platform expands the use of various diffrent length of the standard camera plates available in option.

  • Three Independent Knobs

    The large ball lock lever securely hold the ball movement. Spring-loaded ball lock lever can be set in any position by simply pulling and rotating it. This allow user to confirm the locking state at a glance. Tension adjustment function adds friction to the ball movement. It will prevent camera free-fall when ball lock is released and help smooth camera framing.

Type of Bubble Level: n/a
Camera mounting screw: U1/4
Tripod mounting screw: U1/4 ・ 3/8
Base diameter: 56mm
Size of camera platform: 38 x 63mm
Height: 105mm
Weight: 485g
Load capacity: 6 kgs
Quick Relase: Q.R.S. 6507


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