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SLIK K-30 is a robust and sturdy heavy-duty tripod specifically designed to provide support for a wide range of heavy equipment, including laser trackers, scanners, construction lasers, and other type of equipment that require a sturdy tripod.


With a load capacity of up to 30KGS, K-30 features adjustable legs with three different angles and telescopic leg sections for effortless adjustment of the working height up to more than 1.4m.


A standout feature of the K-30 is its center column, which utilizes a worm gear mechanism. This mechanism allows smooth and easy height adjustments, even when heavy equipment is mounted. Additionally, this mechanism has a self-lock feature (anti-back drive) that ensures the equipment remains securely in place at the desired height, providing added safety during use.


The K-30 is also equipped with a 70mm diameter anti-slip leg tip that can be easily switched to a spike for use on sand or soil surfaces.


SLIK offers modification options to customize the K-30 to your specific needs, making it the ideal choice for your heavy-duty tripod requirements.



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  • Worm gear mechanism for a safe set-up.

    The center column mechanism uses a worm gear system that has a long-established reputation.
    Not only it allows easy and smooth height adjustment even with a heavy equipment on, but also prevents accidental falls during height adjustment to avoid damage to mounted equipment.

  • Non-slip foot pad to minimize misalignment after set up

    70mm diameter non-slip foot pad covers a large portion of the ground surface for stable equipment installation.

  • 2-way leg tip to adapt with different set-up

    K-30 leg tip can be switch easily from a 70mm diameter non slip foot pad to a spike leg tip which can be very convenient when working on unstable surfaces such as soil or sand ground.

  • Easy-to-grip, large integral rubber molded leg lock nut

    This ergonomic leg lock nut is designed for easy twisting even with gloves on to increase work efficiency

  • Reinforced mounting base

    Strong cast metal mounting base is used to provide a sturdy base while working with heavy equipment.
    *Attachable Aluminum Plate available (Optional)

  • 3-steps leg angle adjustment

    The minimum heigh above the ground can go as low as 490mm, making it easier to work in a low position.

Folded Length: 810 mm 
Maximum Operating Height: 1,435 mm
Minimum Operating Height: 490 mm
Maximum Center Column Ext.: 285 mm
Weight: 5,000 g
Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
Leg Tip: 2-way
How To Mount Equipment: M8 Screw
Number of Leg Sections: 2
Shape of Leg Pipe/Tube:
Diameter of the first upper leg: 36 mm
Type of Center Column Elevation: Worm gear type


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