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The SLIK Leveling Unit 2 is an all-metal leveling adapter intended for use with tripod heads and legs. The base allows you to accurately level any head or camera within a ± 7.5° range of movement. It also locks easily via a knurled silver control ring.  The base’s sturdy build supports up to 10kg while weighing a portable 200g.  


It features a 1/4″-20 top thread and a 3/8″-16 bottom thread, both used with an adapter bushing to attain the required fitting. The base also features a single circular spirit level for making easy and precise adjustments.


This adapter is perfect for quick adjustment to level the tripod head.

  • Rotary Locking Ring

    Rotary locking mechanism that can be accessed to it from any direction. It is a useful feature when attached to the platform which cannot adjust the attaching position like the camera slider. Simply screw it in and ready to go.

  • Low profile & simple design

    The low profile body connects the tripod and the head in a stable way, and simple & concentric design does not interfere the shooting.

  • Fluid mechanism

    The built-in fluid mechanism provides the adequate amount of damping force to prevent the camera from suddenly tilting when unlocked, and allowing smooth and precise leveling in any direction.

Max. Load Capacity: 10kg
Height: 34mm
Weight: 200g
Tilt Angle: ± 7.5°
Head Mount Base Diameter: 65mm
Base Diameter: 65mm
Tripod Mounting Screw: U1/4 (convert to U3/8 by removing screw adapter)


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