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3-way pan head offers separate controls: tilt (up and down), pan (left and right), and horizon leveling (landscape and portrait orientation). This provides more precise adjustments on one axis while not affecting the other two axis for accurate framing of the object.


The SLIK SH-747 is a 3-way pan and tilt head equipped with a newly designed “Arca-Swiss” compatible platform which is 90 deg. rotatable.  It allows to mount the Arca-Swiss quick release plate faces sideway and forwards.  It is useful features for the camera with L-bracket, and a field scope or telephoto lens that requires fore-aft COG adjustment.  In addition, the rotation function can tilt the camera directly above and below.


  • Rotatable QRS Platform

    90 deg. rotatable ”Arca-Swiss” compatible QRS platform allows a camera to be mounted perpendicular to or parallel to the tilting direction of the pan head. It is very useful feature when replacing a camera with an L-bracket from a single-focus lens to a super telephoto lens with a mounting arm.

  • Short Vertical Tilt Knob

    By replacing the vertical pan handle to a short knob, there is no need to remove the vertical pan handle when storing the tripod in the bag. Of course, vertical pan handle is also included in the package, if you want to operate the pan head in conventional style.

  • Dual Bubble Leveler

    Equipped with a dual bubble levelers that can set the horizontal level of the camera when the platform is set to a horizontal position or a vertical position.

Type of Bubble Level: Dual bubble level
Size of camera platform: 38 x 62mm
Camera mounting screw: U1/4
Camera Plate Q.R.S. 6507
Tripod mounting screw: U1/4 (with U3/8 screw adapter)
Height: 115mm
Weight: 645g
Load capacity: 7kgs


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